About Me

Hi! I’m Claudia. Throughout my professional life, I have held a wide variety of titles. In the past, I have been a water quality analyst, a researcher, an engineer in the radiation protection and nuclear security field, and an assistant developer and designer. Currently, I work as a marketing data analyst at The Shipyard, a marketing engineering agency.

What motivated all those role changes? The answer is curiosity.

I’m an explorer at heart. When something tickles my fancy, I start doing research, then I make questions, then I try to answer my own questions, and I hypothesize. I do more research; I talk to people, I collect data. I explore and analyze, and eventually, I find answers that are always backed up by data.

I follow that procedure on all sorts of scenarios, in my daily life and at work, so naturally, I ended up pursuing a career as a data analyst.

In this website, I document my journey as a junior data analyst deep diving into the world of digital marketing.

Extra info:

  • You can find a sample of the projects that I love to work on here: Projects Section.
  • The best way to reach out to me is through email. If you have any questions, if you think we can work together, or if you just want to say hola, you can send me an email at cgerezmiranda@gmail.com.
  • I’d love to connect with you on Linkedin!

Thank you for visiting my site!