Do you take Bitcoin? Experimenting with web design

I love traveling and I love Bitcoin.

There was a time when, whenever I would get to a new city, I would look for the stores taking Bitcoin and I would try to visit them for two reasons: one, it would be a way to put my Bitcoin in circulation, second, it would encourage the merchants to keep accepting the cryptocurrency.

Before initiating any kind of transaction - just to make sure I would be able to pay with Bitcoin - I would ask: “Do you take Bitcoin?”.

At Spendabit, they thought that the question I was making was great, you could actually go to any store and ask whether they take Bitcoin or not. It have to agree that it is an awesome way to spread the Bitcoin word. So they encourage me to create a website with that idea in mind. was the first static website I created using only HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. I worked on that project for approximately two weeks.

Do You Take Bitcoin